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Throwback Thursday: 100 Sunset Avenue

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and you know what that means, it’s time to highlight the history of our beloved downtown. Did you know 100 Sunset Avenue is one of the oldest buildings in Downtown Asheboro?

Benjamin Moffitt, an Asheboro general store proprietor since the mid-nineteenth century, operated from a frame building at this location by the late-nineteenth century. Moffitt’s business and a comparable concern owned by William James Scarboro and Edwin Harris Morris (Moffitt’s niece Rowena’s husband), merged as Morris-Scarboro-Moffitt Company in 1902. Edwin’s father, merchant Parsons Harris Morris, was a principal stockholder in the new business. In September 1902, the proprietors purchased the lot where Moffitt’s frame store stood from the Hoover family, demolished it, and occupied the two-story brick building that remains on the site in November 1903. The Empire Store, which sold clothing, shoes, jewelry, linens, and fabric, leased the storefront from around 1915 until 1919, followed by Cranford and Lambert, a general mercantile, in the early 1920s. B. C. Moore and Sons, a department store chain established by Wadesboro, North Carolina, resident Beauregard Crawford Moore in 1923, occupied one of the first-floor storefronts in 1925 and gradually expanded into the entire building.

This building has been home to many businesses over the years including a disco palace and more recently a law firm.

What other buildings would you like to learn about? Comment on what location you would like to learn about next below.

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